Equus Innova 3100An OBD ii Scan tool is a device used to access car OBD (on-board diagnostic) information. If you are looking for a way to find out why your check engine light has come on then an obd ii scanner is a cost effective way to determine the cause.

A vehicle’s computer continuously monitors all aspects of the vehicle’s operation. When a problem is detected, a trouble code gets saved into the vehicle’s computer memory. Some problems illuminate your Check Engine light, others do not. With an obd ii scanner, you can read the DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) to identify the problem. Your next step is to look up the meaning of the code displayed. and solve the problems. The codes and their meanings will usually be supplied by the scanner manufacturer in a manual and/or on a cd you can load into your pc.Autel Maxiscan MS300

Our staff has identified several benefits to owning your own auto code reader.….

  • You can diagnose a problem with your car or truck anytime. Sure, you can go down to your local Autozone store and have it done for free but that means making the time to do it which is usually after work or on the weekend when you would rather be doing other things.
  • You can cut down on repair costs by diagnosing the problem yourself instead of the your mechanic hooking up his scanner and putting that line item for a $100 diagnosis on your repair bill.
  • If you are mechanically inclined you can handle any simple repair/replacement tasks yourself or you can clear and reset your vehicle’s computer through your scanner.
  • Take one along next time you are looking for a used car for the yourself or the kids. I did this and got $500 knocked off the price because of the faults the scanner found.

Actron Cp9180The scanners on the market today are pretty easy to use so don’t let that hold you back. It could easily pay for itself with one trip to the repair shop. The staff at www.obdiiscantoolreviews.com have worked hard to find quality tools at the best prices online. Take a look at their reviews and get one for yourself today. You’ll be glad you did.